ISEBOX is a cloud based multimedia content publishing, distribution and analytics software. It's an easy to use SaaS platform that lets organizations of all sizes share video, images, audio and documents with your target audience, whether that's the media, your clients or employees.

Using the power of the cloud, you can use ISEBOX to:

•Consolidate all of your multimedia content on to a single ISEBOX which is easily shared via email, social media or link sharing.

•Create a custom ISEBOX with your company’s brand that allows your contacts to view all of your content, download what they need and provide your team with comprehensive reports.

•Organize your multimedia content on a single platform allowing you to tag, search and distribute various file types on a cloud platform. 

•Curate your video, photos and documents by simply dragging and dropping them in to ISEBOX. Our software will transcode your video to ensure its mobile friendly and viewable in just about any browser, and will smooth viewing across the globe.

Here are some of our favorite ISEBOX's:


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